What We Do And Why

The biggest reason why we started our company was because we wanted to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical way of shopping. To provide an alternative to the current wasteful fast fashion practices of the industry. And to encourage people to use their buying power to promote these ideals.

Let's explain what we mean by "ethical". Take our shirts for example, we make the effort to source our shirts and fabrics from places that produce them domestically and are transparent about how they were manufactured. Meaning they're either made here in the United States and/or from a company that treats and pays its workers respectably, this way we ensure that the product is top notch and that the people that produced them are treated well. We don't want shirts made by means of exploiting an overseas work force, and we don't want items made using low quality materials all in the name of cutting costs and maximizing profit.

Next is the "sustainable" part of our business model. Our goal is to minimize waste and pollution to our ecosystems. Like we mentioned before, one way to do this is by prioritizing sourcing materials made here in the USA. The closer to California (where we live) the better. We do this because we keep in mind that whenever we order something it'll travel by a vehicle that emits exhaust into the atmosphere. Our goal is to limit that carbon footprint as much as we possibly can, which is why we don't ship anything from overseas nor do we purchase materials that did so. Another way we practice eco-friendliness is by using water based ink for our silk screens. Water based ink is non-toxic, which is why we only work with it instead of acrylic or plastisol. Another avenue is through our packaging, which is recyclable or compostable. 

We at Silly Gooseberries firmly believe that if something is worth doing then it's worth doing right. And in our minds, the right way to conduct business is by creating products that customers enjoy while looking out for the planet and the people that inhabit it. If you share this sentiment, then please continue to shop small and support businesses that aren't trying to exploit Earth and its people.