Part Timer

The idea first popped into my head when I had bought some tickets to a show (which I ultimately didn't go to because I'd bought tickets for 2 but nobody was able to accompany me that night) and the show was organized by "Part Time Punks". As an active member of a post-punk band myself and lurker among the online goth forums, I decided to make something that I thought reflects where I stand in the subculture. And so, I set out to create a design around "Part Time Goth". 

So I've got the words, next I needed an image. Something that looked the part. What looks "punk"? I looked around my living room, and on the throw table were several of those grocery deal pamphlets, and that gave me the idea of making the words out of a collage. I immediately took some scissors and cut up the letters to glue onto my sketchbook to try and flesh out an idea of what it'd look like.... and it wasn't too pretty. So I ditched the sketchbook and went straight into Illustrator. After about 3 days of neck pain and meticulous fiddling, I brought the idea to life.

Now, what exactly does "Part Time Goth" mean? Well I'm not exactly sure... but as I mentioned earlier, I made it because of how I see myself in the goth scene. While I do play in a band and listen to several goth rock artists, I only see myself as a temporary member of the subculture. Casual post-punk enthusiast by day, elitist gatekeeper by night. I am the Part Time Goth.