What A Mouthful

Our very first shirt design (and among the original 3 or 4 products) came about when we ordered sample shirts of different colors and fabrics, amongst them was this very pink shirt. One day, it occurred to me how it strongly resembled (at least in my mind) the color of the donut boxes I'd known since I was a kid. And, what if, there was an alternate reality where we started up our own donut shop? The idea of our very first shirt was underway. I put pencil to paper and drew the checkered top/bottom border along with a coffee and donut in the center, I soon dropped the coffee and proceeded to simply design the donut. 

So I've got a solid idea of what to draw, but what would we name our would be donut shop? What would sound both silly yet mouthwatering? Well... we are "Silly Gooseberries" yes? What if instead of strawberry or cherry jelly, our donuts had gooseberry jelly?! THAT'S IT!! We present to the world, gooseberry and jelly cream-filled donuts! Oh, I forgot to mention, our donuts would have both cream and jelly in them. That would for sure make them world famous.

Hey, a couple can dream right?