Here at the Silly Gooseberries' Headquarters, we take the dangers of COVID-19 very seriously. In order to keep ourselves and everyone safe, here are the steps that we take:

➡️ Wash our hands before and after ANYTHING

➡️ Disinfected common areas throughout the day (doorknobs, tabletops, you know the drill)

➡️ Make little-to-no unnecessary contact with the outside world (it's not that sad, we are introverts)

➡️ WEAR A MASK WHEN WE ARE OUTSIDE OR AROUND OTHER PEOPLE (come on guys, it's not that hard. Make it an accessory, get over it)


We do have day jobs outside of Silly Gooseberries, but we adapted sanitizing and cleaning measures for when we come back home since the beginning of the lockdown. Neither of us, or anyone we associate with has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.